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uClinux for Nios

A uCLinux demo of ethermac for Altera NEEK
Small footprint eCos

eCos can be big or small depending on how you configure it. Read more about what code sizes are possible.
Custom eCos HAL

Do you need an eCos HAL for your board? Zylin will be happy to write one for you, but if you have the capacity do this in-house and you want to, then you will find some useful guidelines here.
eCos and libstdc++

eCos does not support STL out of the box. Zylin's favored approach is to use a GCC toolchain w/libstdc++ and POSIX threads.
Zylin workshop

Zylin participates with presentations on workshops occansially. The slides from the Luminary, Avnet and Zylin workshop can be found on this page.

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ZY1000 JTAG Debugger
ARM7/9/11, XScale, Cortex-M3
Fast. No drivers!