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Zylin Services

The Zylin AS team of consultants provides qualified and objective development services. We work with you to evaluate your needs and requirement, in order to provide the best and most cost-effective solution. Whether your requirements include aeronautical equipment, oil well measurement tools, or if you just need a simple alarm, we can help you at any stage of the project or manage the project from A to Z.
Roadside Assistance

Is your project stuck? Do you need help tracking and fixing bugs in order to stabilize your project?
Embedded Software

We offer services for embedded software development. Our team has experience with a wide range of projects, CPUs, RTOSs/embedded Linux, and development tools. Although we have extensive experience with the open source community and tools, we also use proprietary solutions where this makes sense.

Whatever you need, a full web server application and PC server database back end, or just the basics to operate the hardware, Zylin will have the skills and capacity you are looking for.

Altera experts

Altera provides not only the FPGA parts, they also include tools, IP libraries, and the Nios soft CPU. We can help you with customizing the FPGA to meet your needs. Altera provides the parts; Zylin gives you the solution.

We have experience from projects using Altera products in anything from a complete PCB and FPGA design to a complete Nios eCos or Linux HAL to a small FPGA or Nios module.

FPGA Design Services

Our consultants can take any role in FPGA development from tweaking or maintaining existing designs to implementing complete FPGA-based solutions. Although we have extensive knowledge and expertise in Xilinx and Altera technologies, we are by no means committed to a particular FPGA brand. Our experience with different solutions, tools, and vendors enables us to help a wide range of customers. Our special design rules and coding practices make it possible for us to maintain our high quality level while implementing functionality efficiently.

Whether you require a full fledged HDTV broadcast network appliance or high quality projector image manipulation or just need to replace a small CPLD that is no longer available for your next production run, Zylin will be able to assist you.