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Zylin roadside assistance

Do you need help to get your project going again?

Whether you have old code where the original programmer is no longer available or you need access to special eCos or Altera expertise that you know Zylin has, we can help you.

You'll find that Zylin has a wide range of skills, tools and years of experience that enables us to get up to speed quickly.

How to proceed

  1. Get in touch with us. Phone us or send an email. Tell us what the problem is and what you need.
  2. Package up the troublesome hardware or software and send it to us or we'll send someone from TNT to pick it up.
  3. Give us a little bit of time to dive into the problem.
  4. We'll present you with a diagnosis, propose a cure and if you need, implement the cure.

No cure no pay?

We want you to share our confidence in our abilities to get your project going again and we're willing to take part of the risk in your project.