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Embedded software services


Zylin AS has a team of highly qualified in-house hardware engineers, all capable of coming up with solutions for cross-field problems and new ideas for great design. Our team has a keen understanding and proven track record of successfully using existing embedded operating systems out of the box. We also have the capability to solve difficult problems that can arise in areas such as the GCC toolchain and embedded operating systems.

As a stand-alone company Zylin AS is not tied down to any preferred CPU architecture for embedded development, but are free to explore any microcontroller that offers the best package for each project based on peripherals, power and part cost.

With the quality and maturity of the embedded open source offerings today, Zylin finds that it reduces cost and risk of development to use open source solutions. Therefore, no part of the system is beyond reach.

For some projects, the deeply embedded approach is not appropriate. A standard small foot print board/industrial PC with Linux or Windows often works best.