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FPGA services


Zylin AS has much experience in designing FPGA solutions for a wide range of customer needs. We can deliver high-quality simulated modules, or complete routed FPGAs with a datasheet.

Since 1994, we have been working with all kinds of FPGAs--from those having only a few flip-flops to the largest devices with hundreds of thousands of logic elements, embedded high-speed logic, and memory.

The Zylin soft-CPU is the world’s smallest 32-bit soft-CPU. It is complete with GCC backend and toolchain. This demonstrates our expertise in FPGA development, CPU architecture, and software skills.

Our personal design rules and development practices are the reasons behind our top-quality, high-efficiency service. We constantly evaluate new tools for FPGA development to improve the value for our customers even more.

Our in-house embedded software knowledge allows us to create a well-defined and "software-friendly" interface between the FPGA and the CPU/DSP.

Our FPGA implementations--both modules and complete FPGAs--are used in customer applications that are sold worldwide. A Zylin-developed FPGA may be part of delivering the TV signal to your home.