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Zylin high speed CMOS sensor design

One of the areas where Zylin has special knowledge and reference projects is in the area of FPGAs and high speed CMOS sensors.



CMOS reference design highlights

The CMOS sensor solution above is used to capture images at a very high rate(1000 frames per second) and do real time processing in a Stratix FPGA using DDR3 memory.


  • Power input: 48V DC
  • Ethernet: RJ-45 with 10/100/1000 Mb/s Ethernet
  • SPI output
  • 5 or 12V trigger input (opto-coupled)
  • General purpose 5V I/O pins
  • RS-232 for debugging
  • JTAG connector for development
  • HDMI output

CMOS sensor

Cypress LUPA 1300-2 1280x1024 @ 500 FPS 10-bit grayscale sensor. Higher framerates can be reached using smaller window size.

Altera FPGA development board

Stratix IV GX FPGA Development Kit with DDR3 memory.

Firmware FPGA and software features

Some highlights:
  • UDP protocol for low frame-rate CMOS sensor images output.
  • HTTP protocol to upload
  • Telnet protocol for configure the stacked 3-board solution (CMOS sensor settings, etc)
  • Telnet protocol for status information and alarms
  • HDMI output of CMOS sensor images
  • RS-232 serial
  • Debugging interface with possible firmware upload capability




If you have a project where you need technology along this vein, get in touch with Zylin to see how we can help you. Zylin has expertise, equipment, schematics and FPGA IP that can be reused in order to reduce risk, while executing projects in a timely and cost effective manner.