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Bootloader for Nios

niosecos contains a generic end user bootloader. This bootloader is a end-user oriented bootloader that solves a number of important problems for Altera Nios applications, e.g. using Cyclone III "Remote Systems Upgrade" feature to allow the FPGA and application FPGA bit file to differ. Although this bootloader exploits eCos, the application does not have to be an eCos application.
eCos for Nios

A version nios2ecos51.exe of eCos for Nios adapted to be independant of Quartus and eCos version and drivers for OpenCores Ethermac. Works with

Includes demo for NEEK Nios II Embedded Evaluation Kit, Cyclone III Edition

Zylin Embedded CDT

Eclipse CDT has excellent GDB support. However, there may be potential difficulties when attempting to debug embedded applications.

Zylin has made some modifications in Eclipse CDT for Windows/Linux+, a plug-in to improve support for GDB-embedded debugging in CDT for eCos applications.

Zylin CPU

Zylin offers a small footprint CPU, complete with a GCC toolchain. The ZPU offers codesize, which is 80% of that of ARM7 Thumb, and takes up even less space than small 8-bit controllers.

The ZPU is now open source. See ZPU mailing list for more details.

ZY1000 JTAG Debugger
ARM7/9/11, XScale, Cortex-M3
Fast. No drivers!