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Zylin Embedded CDT

Zylin-embedded CDT works with Eclipse 3.6. No attempt is made at retaining compatibility with older versions, although the source code history is availble.

A long time ago Zylin Embedded CDT had some patches to CDT, but in the last few years, no patches to CDT are necessary.

ZY1000 owners

ZY1000 owners who have problems with the Zylin Embedded CDT plugin are welcome to send an email to Otherwise your best bet for help is the zylin-discuss mailing list.

Eclipse update site

Download & installation

  1. Install Eclipse 3.6 and corresponding CDT or newer. We recommend the Eclipse Classic package

  2. Eclipse CDT

  3. Install Zylin-embedded CDT using the Eclipse Update Site.

    Follow the example of except use the Eclipse Update Site in place of "".

Source code

The source code is hosted at

Mini FAQ

  • Q: Is the plug-in only for embedded development?
  • A: No. It is a generic GDB debug plug-in. It can be used for many types of targets, such as Linux/Cygwin work.
  • Q: Does it support all JTAG/hardware debuggers?
  • A: Most of them. You can issue "monitor XXX" commands to send commands to the JTAG/hardware debuggers in the GDB startup/run scripts to perform such functions as flash programming and resetting the target. No fancy flash programming GUIs though--the JTAG/hardware debugger should provide that.
  • Q: Is the plug-in specific to eCos?
  • A: No.
  • Q: Is the plug-in specific to ARM?
  • A: No. In principle, it can be used with any CPU that GDB supports.
  • Q: Does the plug-in work under Windows/Cygwin/Linux/Mac/QNX/Sun?
  • A: Yes.

Launch requester screenshot

ZY1000 JTAG Debugger
ARM7/9/11, XScale, Cortex-M3
Fast. No drivers!